• Giacobbe
    For 25 years, the German manufacturer Giacobbe has been producing the most delicious Mediterranean lasagne and oven specialities. All the advantages: * Frozen portions, so cost efficient because little to no waste * Produced in handy gastronorm formats * Convenience: easy and quick to prepare * Easy to serve * High quality products
  • 11er
    The Austrian family-run firm 11er Nahrungsmittel GmbH specialises in the production of frozen potato products like chips, potato croquettes, rösti, potato wedges and filled potato specialities. The products are made from fresh Agria, Fontane, Romina and Lady Amarilla potatoes. You don’t just taste it, you can see it from the wonderful golden yellow colour. In short, check out our assortment of delicious potato specialities with optimal preparation methods, inspired by Austrian cuisine.
  • Hilcona
    As the market leader in its homeland of Liechtenstein and one of the bigger players in Switzerland, Hilcona supplies food service with first class quality pasta. We import the pasta into the Dutch market. Hilcona's pasta specialities are renowned for their premium quality. They are produced with fresh ingredients, with no added flavour enhancers or preservatives. The salt level is restricted to a maximum of 1.3% and the eggs used are all free range. The pasta is frozen separately, making it easy to portion and is already pre-cooked for fast preparation. So delicious and convenient really do go well together!
  • Frozzo
    Under our private label Frozzo, we supply various tasty products, responding to your wishes and those of your customers.
  • Eurial
    Eurial is a French dairy cooperative based in Nantes. We represent their frozen cheese assortment. Via IQF technology, portions of cheese are cut and immediately frozen, thus retaining optimal flavour and authenticity. What’s more, you can save costs through simple stock management. Once thawed, the cheese specialities are ready for use.
  • Sea Green
    Sea Green is a new brand in The Netherlands with a mission to bring seaweed and sea veggies to the people! They want to convince everyone that eating and cooking with sea vegetables is delicious, fun and easy. Especially for the Food service, Sea Green has compiled and developed a range of products. Besides being accessible and tasteful, these are efficient, simple and easy to prepare.